3 Must-Have Items When Starting in the Martial Arts

When you are ready to learn martial arts you must decide from a number of various styles (Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, JiuJitsu, Kung Fu, etc.). Once this choice has been made we can then move to the second step. Second, you will most likely need to buy a uniform that is associated with the style you chose. Third, you will need some other items such as sparring gear to assist in your training. In addition, there are some forms of arts the require you to get the right equipment even before enrolling. The following three items are in my opinion essential for training and practicing in the arts.Gi: A Gi is commonly referred to as a uniform. But, you will tell the actual students of martial arts refer to them as the Gi.Mouth Guard: While sparring, you could possibly get hit in or near the jaw which could effect your teeth. It is wise to practice and spar with a mouth piece while in practice not just a competition.Sparring Gear: The headguard (helmet), chest protector, hand pads, and foot pads and/or shin pads are the most commonly used sparring equipment.Martial arts supplies and weapons:Many martial arts specialize in at least 4 various martial arts weapons. Some of these specialized weapons may include anything from swords, shurikens, knives, and sticks to just name a few weapons. The Kung Fu style is known for the most unique weapons like the Wushu and Butterfly swords, spades, and sectionals. Another piece of equipment many martial artists like are the split machines which allow them to kick higher and become more flexible. These machine pinpoint the muscles that need to be stretched in order to do a higher side, drop, back kick as well as any other type of kicks. When the legs muscles are more flexible a by product of this is also the increased generation of power.Although this is a good list of items to start with when beginning a new martial arts, the most important thing to take is an open and learning attitude. No one has ever walked in a white belt and walked out a black belt in their first training session. The important lesson in martial arts is the focus on continually getting better which then spreads to the rest of your life.

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